Commercially prepared dog food is intended to be the sole calorie source for the intended pet. Therefore it contains all of the nutrients in the right proportions for your dog. Over-supplementing your dog's diet, particularly with concentrated nutrients can cause an imbalance of important nutrients like calcium, zinc, vitamin A, fat or protein. Some dogs suffer soft stools because of the variety of different foodstuffs that you are offering to him. Fruits and vegetables, especially when they are uncooked, can cause changes in gastrointestinal microflora and intestinal osmolarity.

Dogs are usually not picky eaters and most are happy to eat kibble everyday. However, many people feel the need to feed human food to their dogs. It is generally recommended to keep treats and "people food" to 10% or less of the diet. In most cases, a dog will have a normal stool quality of "people food" is kept to this level or less of this diet.

Although homemade natural dog food is the best as you can be sure it is free from preservative or contaminants so prevalent in commercial dog food as reported in recent news, some dogs may not adapt too well especially if you feed it human food. Like human, some dog will have more sensitive stomachs than others and do not adjust well to variety in their diet. In fact, it takes 12 weeks for the metabolic pathways to be forged in the dog's body so most vet recommend that you do not switch dog food often.

A final recommendation would be to pick a few foods that you know do not upset your dog's stomach and use them sparingly as treats for your dog. It is best to follow expert's advice on dog food recipes if you are preparing homemade dog food.

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